Photo with Margaret BallJuly so far has been a really busy month and trying to catch up after a holiday is never easy! But I’m pleased to say that the hard work is really starting to pay off. I’ve been to see a couple of new prospects and as a result we have some new clients on board which is great. I’ve also been collecting some feedback from clients for the new testimonials page on the website which was a great exercise as I feel we’re doing a good job and customers are pleased with the results. I also met with a Business Coach from Coventry Chamber of Commerce about a case study they’re writing about me as a new business!

Next month I’m finalising the client packages and starting work on a couple of new training courses as well as starting on some new projects for clients, including a new video to engage with Facebook followers about creating memories in their restaurant…watch this space!

Have a good month all and enjoy the weather!


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