coffeeHappy New Year….there…I said it!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the New Year celebrations….I fell asleep on the sofa – ahh the joys of having a two year old!

I’m sure it’s been a shock to the system for all of us going back to work after time off to relax and I tried desperately to switch off but part and parcel of being self-employed is that you never really switch off. There’s always something you could be doing and so me being me and demanding that I deliver excellent customer service – I do it. So when the client says ‘thank you, I wasn’t expecting that so soon’ it gives me a buzz to maintain these self-inflicted high standards.

I was expecting January to ease me into 2017 gently but I’m back into it as quickly as I left 2016! Meeting new clients, building new websites and maintaining lots of social media accounts has been my focus so far. For 2017 I’ve set myself some targets to align with family life and child care arrangements. One of which is to build my training portfolio and deliver more courses regularly – it’s great meeting new people and get’s me out of Costa/Starbucks which is where I’ve found myself working more recently!

I’ll also start to blog more regularly if I ever find the time…


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Nuneaton News Ruth WarwickIt’s been another fantastic but busy month and a half since I last blogged which is far too long to have left it but that’s no excuse! I’ve taken on another 3 clients and completed an Instructional Techniques course for when I’m delivering marketing training courses. The course was a complete eye-opener and has made me reconsider how I’ll deliver training courses in the future. I also featured in the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce publications and local press recently which has resulted in new enquiries, deomstrating the power of PR!

On a separate note, I’ve also been catching up with the training team I work with and attending one of their seminars which is great for keeping up to date with the latest online changes. They’re a great team to work with and I can help them out with more marketing based stuff too – win, win!

The next few months are busy getting things up and running with the new clients, one of which involves mentoring 2 apprentices which I’m looking forward to. Being able to share knowledge and enable people to develop their skills is extremely rewarding.

Thanks for reading and I promise not to leave it so long next time!


Photo with Margaret BallJuly so far has been a really busy month and trying to catch up after a holiday is never easy! But I’m pleased to say that the hard work is really starting to pay off. I’ve been to see a couple of new prospects and as a result we have some new clients on board which is great. I’ve also been collecting some feedback from clients for the new testimonials page on the website which was a great exercise as I feel we’re doing a good job and customers are pleased with the results. I also met with a Business Coach from Coventry Chamber of Commerce about a case study they’re writing about me as a new business!

Next month I’m finalising the client packages and starting work on a couple of new training courses as well as starting on some new projects for clients, including a new video to engage with Facebook followers about creating memories in their restaurant…watch this space!

Have a good month all and enjoy the weather!


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trainingJune has been a busy month, my best month in business yetwhich has felt incredibly rewarding. I’ve been working on the training portfolio of courses as well as delivering them for the first time. June has also been busy with new customerscoming on board as well as developing some exciting new concepts for existing clients.

Next month I’m planning to refine client packages so that customers can cherry pick a selection of services that best suit their needs. I’ll also be working on developing more training courses which I’ll be delivering in December.

With an ever increasing number of hours of football being watched in our house, chances are I’ll manage to achieve ALL of my objectives next month – anyone else fed up of all this football already??!

Have a good week all!


website welcomeSo here it is, after hours and hours of looking after everyone else’s websites I finally got round to doing my own!! But as they say, better late than never.

The first half of 2016 has been about growing the client base as well as developing new training courses for the portfolio. Later in the year I’m delivering two of our courses to groups of opticians and vets in London which I’m looking forward to as well as squeezing in some holiday time. Later in the year I have plans to focus on how we sell our services and how we ‘package’ them to best suit our clients needs.

My plan is to try and blog as frequently as I can but as we all know, the best marketing ideas never quite go to plan!