coffeeHappy New Year….there…I said it!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the New Year celebrations….I fell asleep on the sofa – ahh the joys of having a two year old!

I’m sure it’s been a shock to the system for all of us going back to work after time off to relax and I tried desperately to switch off but part and parcel of being self-employed is that you never really switch off. There’s always something you could be doing and so me being me and demanding that I deliver excellent customer service – I do it. So when the client says ‘thank you, I wasn’t expecting that so soon’ it gives me a buzz to maintain these self-inflicted high standards.

I was expecting January to ease me into 2017 gently but I’m back into it as quickly as I left 2016! Meeting new clients, building new websites and maintaining lots of social media accounts has been my focus so far. For 2017 I’ve set myself some targets to align with family life and child care arrangements. One of which is to build my training portfolio and deliver more courses regularly – it’s great meeting new people and get’s me out of Costa/Starbucks which is where I’ve found myself working more recently!

I’ll also start to blog more regularly if I ever find the time…


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