Father and Son at the coastAbout Ruth…

Whilst on maternity leave with my son, I was made redundant from a senior marketing position within a national organisation. I soon realised that part time work at a similar level was extremely hard to come by and both my Husband and I were reluctant for me to return to work full time whilst we had such a young family.

With just a few quid (literally) in one pocket and enthusiasm in the other, Hashtag Marketing Consultancy was born with the intention that self-employment would fit nicely around spending time with my family.

About the business…

Based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire we offer businesses of all sizes the unique marketing support they need to fulfil their business goals. All of our work can be undertaken remotely so don’t worry if you’re not local, we can assist you just the same as if you work next door!

The business has grown in several ways; new clients have joined us, our portfolio of services has widened and we’ve branched out into new territory such as training.

Our ethos is simple…high quality flexible and friendly marketing support that’s tailored just for you…

If you feel we could be the right fit for your business, call or email us to find out more.

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